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'Adulting Manual' by Milly Smith & Katie Abey

'Adulting Manual' by Milly Smith & Katie Abey

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You know those things you're supposed to know how to do as an adult, but you really don't know? Ever been in that situation where you're looking for the adult in the room, and then you realise YOU are the adult? Yeah, that. There's adulting, then there's adulting for the messy mind. Sometimes you just need extra maps and a GPS. This manual is for adults that sometimes need a little extra help.


From top small talk tips to use next time you're at the hairdressers to advice on how to ask for help, this interactive journal offers a safe place for people to explore their mental health and express themselves.


Written by Milly Smith, a mental health and body acceptance advocate and public speaker. Milly uses her Instagram account @millykeepsgoing to send positive messages to her 170,000 strong following.


Milly's wise words are accompanied by the whimsical and quirky illustrations of Katie Abey, one of our most popular makers here in the shop.